Who We Are

Knight Office Solutions is a technology company focused on delivering outstanding service. “Who we are” is best conveyed through our Mission Statement - We help our customers reach their business goals by providing client-focused technology solutions with the highest level of support and ethical standards. It is a reflection of what we are here to do, what it is we deliver to our customers, and how we must carry ourselves as an organization to be successful.

What We Do

We assist our clients in operating more efficiently through the use of our business technology products, services, and ongoing support. We provide MFPs, printers, Managed IT Services, Managed Print Services, Document Management Solutions, and Production Print. None of these solutions matter without first listening closely to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve through leveraging technology. 

How We're Different

We put the client above all else. This isn’t simply marketing talk, we observe a “servant leadership” model within our organization, focusing on loyal customers through committed and loyal employees delivering an unparalleled customer experience. We believe it is this outward focus on customers and the team we have in place here at Knight Office Solutions that separates us from others in our marketplace offering similar services.

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Offering print management solutions for your business

If you believe that it is important to get the right technology, that is correctly implemented and fully supported, you’ll love Knight Office Solutions. Our goal is to function as a partner, helping you manage your technology to achieve your business goals. We are more than a copier company, more than a supply and service provider - we offer business solutions that work for you. Count on us to make sure that you have the best and most appropriate business equipment for your needs.

Managed IT services bring technological expertise to you

Take advantage of our staff of information technology professionals with Knight Managed IT Services. Our Managed Network Service (MNS) team helps to proactively keep your network secure and updated while providing support to your end users. Call on us to be your managed IT provider. Whether you need us to fill the IT role in your company or if you have an existing IT staff in place that would benefit from outsourcing specific tasks, we can help you manage your technology.  

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Document management systems for secure storage and instant access

Enjoy instant access to your critical business information in a secure environment, fully backed up. Businesses have relied on paper to store information for decades, but most are in need of a better solution. The decreasing cost of digital storage combined with increased client demands for information makes our document management systems more vital than ever. Let us show you how you can increase your business productivity while maintaining security. 

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