Electronic document management systems provide secure access to scanned documents

Increase your business productivity while gaining the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical business information is securely backed up. We can help you develop a strategy to quickly scan your business information and organize it in a secure document management system. We can also help you create a disaster recovery plan for your key documents.
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Productivity enhancing features of document workflow management

•    Find information instantly with keyword searches, enhancing productivity
•    Protect your documents with passwords so that only authorized users have access
•    Track viewers to meet regulatory compliance needs
•    Provide secure access to documents on laptops and mobile devices
•    Free up office space by storing paper documents in a low-cost offsite location
•    Ensure safety from fire, flood and theft when your documents are backed up in digital files

Other solutions we offer that increase security and manage costs

•    Hard drive scrambling/erasing
•    Private printing
•    Email authentication
•    Usage tracking by client that integrates with your billing system
•    Print management software to track print usage
•    Hosting and managing your productivity-enhancing software