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In an increasingly digital marketplace, protecting your business data has become nothing short of mission critical. After all, when you can’t access your files, you can’t work. Enter business continuity. Designed to minimize downtime in the event of loss, deletion, or cyber attack, Knight’s industry-leading solutions combine intelligent data backup with best-in-class recovery to help you bounce back quickly when disaster strikes.


Disaster Recovery Done Right.

If backup serves as an insurance policy on your critical data, recovery is when you find out how good that policy really is. Knight’s business continuity solutions offer innovative features to put you in the best possible position after an unexpected data loss:

Unmatched Availability & Recovery Speed

Our business continuity solution boasts an impressive 99.99999% availability, with near-instant recovery from many downtime scenarios. Restore on the file level, virtualize an entire system, or recover from bare metal, our solution gives you the flexibility to restore your data anytime, anywhere.

Robust Backup Security

As ransomware attacks continue to increase in sophistication, cyber criminals have begun targeting data backups. Our solution offers end-to-end encryption to protect backup data in transit and at rest. Bolstered by multiple layers of internal and external security, Knight’s business continuity services ensure that your protected data stays that way.

Rollback and Backup Insights

Only need to restore a handful of files? Our backup and recovery solution offers rapid rollback, allowing you to restore specific files without a full reimaging. Not sure which version to restore? Identify changes between any two backup points with built-in data intelligence.

Flexible Cloud Retention

Do you work in a heavily regulated industry? Improve your compliance with infinite or time-based retention of sensitive data via secure cloud storage.

Defend Against Ransomware

It is estimated that a business falls victim to ransomware every 14 seconds. Learn how to protect your data in the event of a security breach in our two-part blog series on Ransomware & the SMB.

Innovative Features. Impressive Functionality.

Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure and accessible. Knight’s industry-leading backup & recovery solutions offer:

Ransomware Detection

Integrated scanning at the time of backup alerts you to the presence of a ransomware footprint within your backup data.

Cloud Deletion Defense

Worried about accidental or malicious deletion of your backups? Enjoy greater peace of mind with advanced deletion defense.

RPO-Based Frequency

Customize your backup scheduling to minimize data loss in accordance with your recovery point objectives.

Partner Well

We’re proud to be a certified reseller and service partner for some of the best names in backup & business continuity.

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