Save time and money with our fax/scan solutions.


Improve Your Processes.

Organizations run on efficiency, and if your business relies on scanning and faxing, you already know how document workflows can dramatically affect your productivity. Streamline your operations and enjoy greater regulatory compliance with our e-Fax solutions and advanced scanning integrations.


e-Fax and Fax Server Solutions

Still running your fax over a landline? Upgrade to an e-fax solution and reduce your printing costs, improve operational efficiency, and enjoy greater compliance with advanced integrations that route inbound faxes directly to your secure business applications.

How Can e-Fax Work for You?

Reduce Your Printed Pages

How many of your incoming faxes really need to be printed? If your organization is like most, the answer is not many. Eliminate automatic printouts with our paperless fax server solutions.

Eliminate Your Fax Line

Switch to one of our best-in-class e-Fax solutions and enjoy immediate ROI when you cut the cord on your dedicated fax line. Plus, send faxes directly from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. The best part? You’ll never miss another fax due to busy lines or faulty call waiting.

Streamline Your Processes

Still scanning your inbound printed faxes? Our fax server solutions allow you to improve your workflow efficiency by routing your faxes directly to a network location or business application.

After a comprehensive assessment of our business processes, Knight connected us with a fax server solution that has reduced our printing costs, improved our operational efficiency, and provided greater HIPAA compliance by integrating directly to our EMR.

Travis Ryals

Chief Information Officer

The Start Center

Advanced Scanning Solutions

Custom Routing Solutions

Automatically route your scanned documents to a specific folder, database, or network destination with Knight’s robust “scan-to” software solutions. Automate your workflows further with secure integrations that scan directly to ERPs, EMRs, and more.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert physical documents to searchable PDFs and Word docs with Knight’s best-in-class OCR solutions. Say goodbye to combing through paper files, invoices and receipts—with OCR, you’ll simply scan, search, and go.

Buried in Files?

You know you need to digitize your records. You also know what a monumental undertaking that is going to be. Now there’s another way. Knight can manage the digitization and storage of your bulk files. Simply hand-off your files to our document management specialists, and we will manage the secure scanning of your files into the document management tool of your choice. From there, we’ll shred, return, or securely store your classified documents.

Don’t put it off another day. Schedule a document management assessment today.

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