There were only two printer models on the planet around 25 years ago, now there are thousands.  Managed Print Services (MPS) weren’t needed back then; they should be strongly considered today.
I’ll stop short of offering a conspiracy theory, but rest assured the manufacturers of printers and mfp’s over the last two decades haven’t had your businesses best interests in mind. Let’s face it, they need to grow revenues and be profitable to satisfy their stockholders. That’s done by building printers they can sell for an attractive price and selling grossly overpriced toners for FAT profits for the lifetime of the printer.

Due to a number of factors including well-orchestrated marketing efforts by the manufacturers and how purchasing decisions are typically made in organizations, the large majority of businesses could greatly improve their printer fleet situation. It is extremely rare I find a business that has a good handle on managing their printer and mfp fleets. Below are some common symptoms we find within organizations:

  • Too many/too few devices. More often we see too many. The proper amount of printers and mfp’s for your business is very important. Solution: Right-sizing your fleet
  • Multiple models of devices. Support costs skyrocket when managing multiple models. Solution: Standardization.
  • IT or other employees “dealing” with printer-related issues. What is it costing you to have staff dealing with these issues, not focused on core business objectives? Solution: Outsource to a team of printer experts.
  • Wasteful printing habits, wasting money. Very difficult to control without a program in place. Solution: Gain control and spend less through an MPS Program.
  • Uncontrolled high costs related to feeding and supporting the fleet. Impossible to budget an expense that hasn’t been defined. To do so, you must know how many pages your businesses produces and the (many) related expenses. Solution: a MPS Assessment.

If any of these symptoms are present in your business, an assessment of your fleet would be a worthwhile endeavor. Unfortunately, I’ve heard from business owners that have agreed to have assessments done for their businesses and they didn’t receive the valuable information they had been promised. Given this, make sure whoever you engage to assess your fleet provides at minimum the following:

  1. The total number of pages your organization creates per month and on what devices.
  2. A total (and individual) expense related to operating every device in your fleet including evidence and explanation of that expense.
  3. A strategy for you to consider that would speak to any inefficiencies found in the fleet assessment.

Mitch Huffman is Co-President of Knight Office Solutions and has provided relief to organizations in San Antonio and South Texas for over 25 years.

Posted by Mitch Huffman on 28th April, 2016 | Trackbacks
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