TSAOG is South Texas’ leading provider of orthopedic health services, offering end-to-end treatment from initial consultation and diagnostics to surgery and rehabilitation. Headquartered in north central San Antonio, TSAOG receives patients at eight locations across the Alamo City and surrounding area. With more than 140,000 visits every year, the organization operates within a demanding workflow environment that requires precise management and strict regulatory compliance.

Tasked with overseeing that environment is TSAOG’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Kean. Working alongside Kean, Knight Sr. Account Manager Tammy Moczygemba has helped TSAOG navigate the changing healthcare landscape for nearly 15 years, providing regular performance assessments to ensure that the organization’s print/scan environment is optimized to meet demand and maintain HIPAA compliance.

“In healthcare, we often find that imaging equipment is somewhat of an afterthought in the course of an organization’s internal auditing processes,” Moczygemba notes. “As a result, we always take a critical look at medical document workflows.” To that end, Knight’s solutions team has developed a multipoint HIPAA compliance checklist to ensure that new customers are made aware of the regulatory standard prior to onboarding. Included within this checklist are three key areas:

  • Print Data Management Most healthcare providers already have a system in place to protect the data on their enterprise servers, but what happens to information processed during printing and faxing? Knight offers device configuration services to ensure that the hard drives attached to medical printers are regularly scrubbed of sensitive patient data.
  • HIPAA Fax Security HIPAA does not address the issue of faxed patient data specifically, but this type of information does fall within the privacy rule, meaning healthcare providers must ensure the security of any faxed materials that include HIPAA-protected information. Our fax workflow solutions route all inbound faxes to a secure, access-controlled server.
  • EMR Scanning – Designed to protect patient information and improve document workflows, our TWAIN integrations can route scanned physical documents directly to specific patient records on a variety of EMR platforms, including Athenahealth, eClinicalworks, and others. When combined with a document shredder, EMR scanning allows providers to more quickly close the liability gap inherent to printed medical documents.

In the final analysis, Kean notes that the true value of Knight’s performance is measured in peace of mind. “With Knight, I never worry about our printers. In fact, I rarely think about them at all. On the rare occasion when there is a problem, Knight’s service team is on-site promptly and they almost always get us back up and running on the same day.”

Are you a healthcare provider looking a print fleet solution that will help you optimize workflows while maintaining HIPAA compliance? Whether you’re a private practice with a single office, or a regional medical group with dozens of locations, Knight’s skilled consultants can connect you with an imaging solution that meets your needs and your budget. Click here to contact our team and schedule a printer fleet assessment today.

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