Get a Better Look at Your Print Environment.

Reduce downtime, maximize efficiency, and enjoy a more streamlined managed print experience with Knight Vision advanced fleet support. Enroll today and enjoy:

Remote Repairs: Knight Vision’s service code reports allow us to identify & resolve many issues without making an on-site assessment.
Automated Meters: Save time & streamline your billing with automatic meter collection.
Device Optimization: Maximize your technology investment with Knight Vision’s comprehensive usage reporting.

Designed with You in Mind.

Meter collection. Repair management. Device deployment. They all add up to more time spent away from the work that drives your business. But what if you could streamline these activities and reduce the management burden associated with overseeing your printer fleet? With Knight Vision, now you can.

How Does It Work?
Designed to provide a more seamless managed print experience, Knight Vision gives us a direct line-of-sight into your printers, copiers & scanners by reporting:

 Meter Counts
• Supply Levels
• Service Codes

Installed at a single point on your network, Knight Vision sends reports on the status of your fleet to ensure optimal device performance and deployment. Each report is typically no more than a few kilobytes, and Knight Vision will process no more than 20 devices at a time to ensure minimal impact to your network performance. But the best part? Knight Vision is available at no cost to all Knight Office Solutions customers.

Ready to upgrade? Contact us to schedule enrollment today!
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