Does your organization still rely on manual workflows to process Accounts Payable? If so, you’re not alone. According to Sterling Commerce, the average organization spends anywhere from $12-$30 to process a paper invoice—not to mention the opportunity cost that comes with engaging professional staff to perform routine task work. Shouldn’t there be a better way? Now there is.


Best-in-Class Workflow Automation

DocuWare for Invoice Processing automates every step of the AP workflow, from intake and review to approval and posting. Gone are the days of juggling paper, email and PDF invoices. DocuWare’s advanced capture technology converts your statements to standardized data, identifying the relevant information and matching each record to the appropriate GL, cost center, or purchase order. And if the vendor can’t be found in your system? DocuWare initiates an automated vendor onboarding process.

From there, DocuWare’s intelligent indexing engine routes invoices via predefined workflows for approval based on your business rules. Eliminate manual-touch processing with automatic approvals based on vendor or 3-way match. Easily configure single- and multi-approver workflows for invoices requiring human review. Once an invoice is approved, DocuWare will generate a transaction record for seamless posting to your ERP or accounting system. It all adds up to a more accurate, more efficient AP workflow.


AP Compliance and Audit Trail

Of course, the lifecycle of an invoice doesn’t end with posting. Built on Microsoft Azure for high reliability, DocuWare’s invoice archive makes compliance and auditing a breeze, maintaining transparent approval histories with automatic document filing and encryption.

A true end-to-end AP solution, DocuWare combines secure cloud technology with mobile convenience to expedite your AP workflows, giving you the ability to take advantage of early pay discounts and gain deeper control over your cash flow management. The best part? DocuWare can be deployed in three days or less depending on the complexity of your implementation.


Interested in learning more about DocuWare for Invoice Processing? Contact our team of experienced workflow consultants to schedule a demonstration today.

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