Thermal Screening: Your First Line of Defense.


Keep your customers and employees safe with Knight’s best-in-class temperature detection products. Available in a variety of packages for tailored performance, our user friendly kiosks offer unrivaled point-of-entry protection with:

• Face & skin temperature detection; compatible with hats, glasses and face masks
• Machine learning calibration for accuracy within ±0.54 ~ 0.9° F
• On-screen instructions to align user within the accurate reading zone
• Privacy options: show/hide display functionality, on/off statistics collection

Optional Features:

• Employee directory integration with facial recognition for easy check-in
• Compatibility with access control systems (e.g. HID keycards)
• Automated alerts with user-defined workflow integrations (e.g. automatically send photos to Security/HR when an elevated temperature is detected)


Temperature Detection Kiosk


Take Your Screening to the Next Level.


Building on our basic kiosks, these upgraded products offer additional features and advanced functionalities.

Thermal Screening Premium

• Video call capabilities with no-touch voice controls
• Custom branding with A/V & on-screen instructions
• Digital signage w/ CMS to keep your messaging up-to-date
• Optional: Send results to printer/mobile

Thermal Screening Reception

• Automatically starts a video call when a visitor is detected; optional support for Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber and Vidyo
• No-touch voice controls
• Live feed streams in-process screening to receptionist’s workstation
• Custom branding with A/V & on-screen instructions

Thermal Screening Multi Track

• Open-area tracking screens multiple users at one time
• Ideal for use in lobbies, receiving areas, or anywhere with high foot traffic
• Active coverage area: 10 ft. wide within a 15 ft. distance range. Coverage area upgrades available.
• Optional: Increase accuracy to ±0.3°C/±0.54°F with Blackbody screening at a fixed distance (*device additional)

Protection as a Service.


Included at no cost for one year on Premium, Reception, and Multi Track products, our Protection as a Service program provides ongoing product support and updates to ensure maximum protection and up-to-the-minute regulatory compliance.

Experience the confidence that comes from knowing you’re keeping your customers and employees safe. Contact our team of skilled technology consultants to learn more today.


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