You don’t have to be an IT security expert to know that cyberattacks are increasing in both frequency and sophistication—and just as hackers continue to evolve, so too must the tools we use to defend against them. In this product spotlight, we’ll explore several next generation security solutions that will help you stay safe in a changing threat environment.

Perimeter Security: Perch Security with Live Monitoring

Perch Security

In some ways, IT security really begins with a properly configured firewall. As the first layer of defense in preventing unauthorized network access, your firewall bears much of the burden when it comes to keeping threats out of your IT environment. With that said, even the best firewalls can only do so much. For this reason, we recommend Perch Security by ConnectWise as an added layer of support for your perimeter protections.

Powered by crowdsourced threat intelligence, Perch leverages data from across its installed base to ensure that emerging threats are flagged in real-time. And unlike static solutions, Perch augments your perimeter protection through activity logging with live response and threat remediation.


Antivirus: SentinelOne Endpoint Protection with 24/7 Security Operations Center


SentinelOne Logo

When it comes to antivirus, perhaps no other solution offers more robust protection than SentinelOne’s flagship Singularity platform. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, SentinelOne’s best-in-class solution takes endpoint protection to the next level with a 24/7 live security operations center.

The concept is simple: SentinelOne creates a unique profile for each individual endpoint, analyzing patterns and behaviors to establish a baseline for normal operation. Working off this baseline, the system will alert a 24/7 security operations center anytime unusual activity is detected. SentinelOne’s trained security experts then analyze the activity and remediate threats in real-time.


Cloud Backup: Datto SaaS Protection / Defense / Continuity

While cloud applications do offer some level of “built-in” protection, they are far from immune to cyber-attack. For this reason, it’s important to plan for data continuity on your SaaS applications. Long a leader in the backup and recovery space, Datto offers a range of products to protect your cloud data:

Datto SaaS Protection: Comprehensive backup and recovery for your Microsoft 365/Google Workspace with 3x daily backups and customizable restore options. Cloud apps covered:

  • Microsoft 365: Exchange, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams
  • Google Workspace: Gmail, Calendars, & Contacts, Drive and Shared Drives

Datto SaaS Defense: A fully integrated, add-on solution to Datto SaaS Protection offering advanced threat protection and spam filtering.

Datto Continuity: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your local PC data is backed up to the cloud and fully virtualizable from anywhere you have internet access.


Are you confident in your IT security program?

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