Once relatively overlooked by cyber attackers, small and midsized businesses have become a favorite target for data theft in recent years. What’s behind this shift? Education.

Historically, SMBs haven’t had access to the training resources enjoyed by their enterprise counterparts, making them an attractive target for criminals seeking easy access to sensitive business data. Now that’s changing.

Knight Office Solutions has partnered with global security leader Webroot to offer enterprise-grade security awareness training for small and midsized businesses. Designed to help your employees identify and avoid potential threats, Webroot Security Awareness Training helps maximize your technology ROI by minimizing the likelihood of a breach.


What is Security Awareness Training?

Firewalls. Security patches. Antivirus. Spam blockers. The tools you use to protect your network are many, but in a multifaceted threat environment, even the best tools can only go so far. Why? Because when it comes to IT security, you’re only as good as your weakest link. Webroot’s comprehensive training program helps you strengthen that link by empowering your users to take a stand against cyberattack.


Phishing Recognition and Awareness Campaigns

Webroot Security Awareness Training offers realistic phishing simulations to help you measure and improve your users’ response to suspicious emails. Regionalized for greater relevance, Webroot’s turnkey templates allow you to launch realistic phishing campaigns in minutes. Prefer to run a custom simulation? With Webroot, you can create tailored campaigns from the ground up, customizing everything from sender name and email address to message content and landing page.

Security and Compliance Training Courses

Cybersecurity training courses are nothing new, yet human error continues to account for the vast majority of security breaches. What makes our program different? Webroot’s easy-to-consume courses are designed for maximum impact and usability. Many courses can be completed in fewer than ten minutes, and all are available via mobile.

With courses covering nearly every area of IT security, Webroot offers comprehensive training on issues such as phishing, malware, and password integrity—but it doesn’t stop there. Webroot’s extensive collection of compliance-oriented courses offer regulatory training on PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

The best part? Webroot Security Awareness Training evolves as the security landscape changes, with new content being added on a monthly basis.


Implementation and Management

Getting started with Webroot is easy. First, our technical team will work with you to import users, set up your dashboard, and develop an initial training program to gauge your employees’ general security awareness. From there, we’ll adjust, manage, and track your campaigns to best meet the needs of your users. Rather manage Webroot in-house? No problem. Knight can provide basic dashboard training to familiarize you with the solution, and equip you to administer your campaigns internally. Whatever you decide, with Webroot you can rest easy in knowing that you’re receiving up-to-the-minute training powered by the global leader in IT security.

Webroot’s best-in-class platform gives you the freedom to train your users however you see fit, offering:

  • Classification-based training: Group users and administer campaigns by location, department, or business unit.
  • Behavior-based automation: Create custom training programs for users who demonstrate specific behaviors, i.e. specialized training for any user who clicks a link in a phishing simulation.
  • Custom scheduling: Send a campaign to your entire user base, create rolling campaigns distributed over a specified period of time, or run one-off programs for users requiring additional help. Webroot’s flexible platform makes it easy to take control of your training.
  • Comprehensive tracking: Webroot’s best-in-class learning management system provides robust campaign tracking to help you measure your users’ progress and identify areas for further training. Plus, enjoy greater accountability with real-time participation stats and automated training reminders.


Adopt a Proactive Security Posture

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your users are equipped to respond to a changing threat environment. Contact one of Knight’s experienced security consultants for a comprehensive risk assessment and pricing.

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