Ricoh has identified a potential vulnerability associated with some Windows/Windows Server Printer and PC fax drivers. In response, the company is asking impacted customers to take the following steps to ensure the continued security of their print infrastructure. Click here to find out if your driver(s) is/are affected. If your driver is not listed, no further action is required. If your driver is listed:

1. Download and install the appropriate patch on all affected PCs
PCL6 Driver for Universal Print and PS Driver for Universal Print
PC FAX Generic Driver, Generic PCL5 Driver, RPCS Driver, PostScript3 Driver, PCL6(PCL XL) Driver and RPCS Raster Driver

2. Distribute the updated driver to all relevant devices linked to your network
Following your own IT processes, please ensure that all users have the latest version of the Universal Print Driver or a patched version of other affected drivers installed on their devices.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this update.

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