Replacing the Waste Toner Cartridge – Sharp

Learn how to change the waste toner cartridge on your Sharp printer in this Quick Fix Video hosted by Knight Office Solutions’ David McCarty.

These instructions apply to the following Sharp models: MX3050, MXM3050, MX3055, MXM3055, MX4050, MXM4050, MX4055, MXM4055, MX5050, MXM5050, MX5055, MXM5055, MX6050, MXM6050, MX6055, MXM6055, MX3070, MXM3070, MX3071, MXM3071, MX4070, MXM4070, MX4071, MXM4071, MX5070, MXM5070, MX5071, MXM5071, MX6070, MXM6070, MX6071, MXM6071

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