Changing Toner – Lanier

Learn how to replace the toner in your Lanier / Ricoh / Savin printer in this Quick Fix Video hosted by Knight Office Solutions’ Paul Bernal.

These instructions apply to the following Lanier and Ricoh models: IM C2000, MP C2004, IM C2500, MP C2504, MP 2554, MP 2555, MP C3003, MP C3004, MP 3054, MP 3055, IM C3500, MP C3504, MP 3554, MP 3555, MP C4004, MP C4504, MP 4054, MP C4055, MP 4055, IM C4500, MP C5503, MP 5054, MP C5504, MP C6003, MP C6004, MP 6054, MP C6503

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